Teen Wellness Retreat

Travel Program
AGES 14-16

Embark on a transformative journey during our NEW Teen Wellness Retreat at CampV. Located in Naturita, Colorado, CampV’s mission is to “combine art, history, architecture, design, outdoor recreation & unique spaces to bring together rural communities and inspire connections.” During this week-long experience, participants will engage in rejuvenating activities such as yoga, meditation, and soul-soothing sound baths. Healthy eating workshops will empower them to nourish their bodies, while community art projects and service initiatives will foster a sense of belonging and purpose. This holistic retreat also provides an opportunity for teens to cultivate essential life skills and coping mechanisms, guiding them through their teen years. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the west end, participants can explore nature through hiking, paddleboarding and wilderness exploration. Forge new friendships, deepen self-awareness and depart with a sense of refreshment and renewal, ready to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

Monday – Sunday
The group will depart on Monday and return mid-day on Sunday.

*Photo courtesy of CampV

Camp V

Camp Type: Travel Program

TUITION: $2800

AGES: 14-16
4.1 open
July 22, 2024 - July 26, 2024

Challenge Level: 3

Telluride Academy's Overnight Policy

Our talented instructors work hard to combat student homesickness on overnight programs. For many students, this experience might be their first time camping or away from home! In the days leading up to the overnight(s), the instructors have positive conversations with the groups to get them excited and prepared for their overnight adventures. This dynamic gets interrupted when a student is picked up early from their overnight. For this reason, we can not accommodate early pick-ups, unless in the case of an emergency. If your child does not want to attend the overnight, or if you have prior commitments that require early pick-up accommodations, we ask that you consider choosing a day program instead. Please call our office with any questions or concerns.