Friday Only
AGES 11-13

Welcome to “Packrafters,” an exciting one-day program that invites students to embark on a unique alpine adventure. In this immersive experience, participants will pack compact, inflatable packrafts into their backpacks and set out on a scenic hike to one of our favorite alpine lakes. “Packrafters” promises a memorable blend of outdoor adventure, physical activity, and the sheer joy of navigating alpine lakes via portable watercraft. Join us for a day of pack rafting and discover the exhilaration of high-elevation paddling in the heart of nature!

Friday only
9 am – 5 pm

Camp Type: Friday Only


AGES: 11-13

Challenge Level: 3

Telluride Academy's Overnight Policy

Our talented instructors work hard to combat student homesickness on overnight programs. For many students, this experience might be their first time camping or away from home! In the days leading up to the overnight(s), the instructors have positive conversations with the groups to get them excited and prepared for their overnight adventures. This dynamic gets interrupted when a student is picked up early from their overnight. For this reason, we can not accommodate early pick-ups, unless in the case of an emergency. If your child does not want to attend the overnight, or if you have prior commitments that require early pick-up accommodations, we ask that you consider choosing a day program instead. Please call our office with any questions or concerns.